G.R.A.C.E. Board of Directors 2019

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the following contact information.

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We have an annual election for the board. There are 15 members. Each member serves for 3 years and each year 5 new members are elected. We meet one night each month to conduct necessary business for the community. The current boards’ contact information is listed below. If you have any comments or questions regarding community activities, please feel free to contact one of your board members.


Lay Director:  Wynn Harle

      Cell:  903-245-2701    Email:  cowboycentral@suddenlink.net

Assistant Lay Director:  Mike Johnston

      Cell: 903-521-0860    Email:  johnstonmd08@gmail.com

Ex Officio Lay Director:  Mike Hodgson

      Cell:  903-948-0821    Email:  hdgmanmd@gmail.com

Spiritual Director:  Rev. Joe Hall

        Cell: 903-742-5828    Email:  joehall@mhd.com

Assistant Spiritual Director:  Rev. Wade Harman

        Cell: 903-631-9534    Email:  harmanwk01@yahoo.com

Secretary:  Charlene Burton

        Cell:  903-920-6677  Email:  cburtonlindale@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Betty Buchanan

        Cell:  903-930-2678    Email:  jimbet85@gmail.com

Music Coordinator:  John Crow

        Cell: 903-288-1881      Email:  jwcrow56@gmail.com


(Board Member is chair of designated committee)

Agape (Gift, Banquet, Afterglow):  Lisa Brewer

        Cell:  903-720-1120    Email:  lbrew0366@gmail.com

Babe Chick Training:  Steve Morton

        Cell: 903-722-4014    Email:  stc.morton@gmail.com

Book Table :  Hank Resler

        Cell:  617-953-4486    Email:  ltfnp2@gmail.com

Community Trailer:  Wayne Brunt

        Cell:  903-522-0833    Email:  waynebrunt@ymail.com

Gathering Coordinator: Ken Duesterhoft

        Cell: 903-520-0294    Email:  kwdues@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor:  Debbie Hays

      Cell: 903-452-5331    Email:  dhays55@yahoo.com

Prayer Vigil/Wall Agape:  Rhonda Gorrell

        Cell: 575-749-1221    Email:  fire322dfd@yahoo.com

Publication Coordinator:  Scott Catchot

        Cell:  903-373-5415  Email: scottcatchot@yahoo.com

Sponsorship Training:  Garry Mount

      Cell: 903-985-0957  Email: mt3279@aol.com

Team Selection-Board Nominations:  Mike Johnston

      Cell: 903-521-0860    Email:  johnstonmd08@gmail.com

Reunion Groups: Paula West

        Cell:  903-918-9067    Email:  pjwest57@yahoo.com

  Non-Board (non-voting) Positions

Registrar:  Jim and Betty Buchanan

      Betty Cell:  903-930-2678  Jim Cell: 903-930-2360    Email:  jimbet85@gmail.com

Walk Crosses/Dove Nametags:  Elizabeth Minor

        Home:  903-657-8112    Email:  mnm-design@msn.com

        Cell:  903-720-1740

Webmaster:  Martha Walker

        Cell:  903-235-0158    Email:  marthasgarden55@gmail.com

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