Pilgrim Application



MEN'S WALK 94: September 23-26

WOMEN'S WALK 95: September 30-October 3

Please read the important information below concerning the application for the Walk to Emmaus:

  • The Pilgrim Applicant is expected to be an ACTIVE, ESTABLISHED CHURCH-GOER, not someone who is church shopping or is new to Christianity.

  • The application is to be filled out by both the Sponsor and Pilgrim Applicant, together if possible.

  • You must clearly print the answers to all questions, except for where signatures are used.

  • Three signatures MUST be in place before your request can be processed: Pilgrim Applicant, Sponsor and Pilgrim’s Pastor.

  • Applications without signatures will be RETURNED to the sponsor and will DELAY putting your pilgrim on the roster.

  • All information is necessary for proper placement in a Walk to Emmaus.

  • Submit this application only if the Pilgrim intends to be present for the entire weekend of the Walk, Thursday evening thru Sunday late afternoon.

  • With this application, please enclose a minimum of $75 for a non-refundable deposit towards the full $195 cost of the Walk.
    Any balance remaining must be paid no later than check-in at the camp on the first evening of the walk.

  • Make checks payable to “G.R.A.C.E. Emmaus Community”.

  • The Sponsor should submit the completed application request and fee only after complete review for correctness and all signatures are obtained.

  • The completed application and deposit must be received by the Registrar 10 days prior to the start of the Walk.
    After this deadline, contact the Registrar directly before mailing.

  • When a Pilgrim Applicant is placed on a Walk, the Sponsor and the Pilgrim Applicant will both receive information about the Walk. 
    Sponsors will be notified when the application is received.

  • Questions concerning this Pilgrim Application should be sent to the Registrar
    Contact information is available on the “Board” tab on the website main page.

Click this link to download and print the G.R.A.C.E. Walk to Emmaus Pilgrim Application >> Pilgrim Application

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